Earplug Earrings - Lightly Stoned

Sold out $25.00

The perfect way to quickly dampen sound in an overwhelming place and protect your hearing on the dance floor.
Useful, accessible, stylish, sound protection.
Studies show that young people who frequently attend concerts and clubs show early signs of hearing damage. It's important to take care of your ears before they become damaged.
Earrings have a lever back hook for heavy moving and shaking. Silicone three tiered earplug fits all ears. Earring measures 11cm from tip of plug to top of hook.

1- Dark Jade and White SOLD OUT
2- Turquoise and Clear
3- Topaz and White
4- Dark Sapphire and White SOLD OUT
5- Selenite and White
6- Garnet and White SOLD OUT
7- Amber and White