Déjà Rêvé

$8.00 - $38.00

High resolution heavy weight photography print of “Seraphim apparition during Déjà Rêvé”. Print is borderless and all sizes come in a gloss finish with an option for matte poster quality paper on the 13x19. Please allow a week before shipment!

“Déjà rêvé is the sensation of having already dreamed something that is currently being experienced.

Seraphim are angelic beings belonging to the highest order of the celestial hierarchy that are associated with light, purity and above all else burning love.

I find that when I’m really in the moment of creating art that feels profound, I can’t tell whether I’m awake or asleep, or if I’ve dreamed of this surreal moment before. A lot of the visions for my art comes to me through dreams states and other forms of subconscious meditation, often tiptoeing between realms. My intention with this photo series, and much of my broader work, is to elicit that feeling of otherworldliness in you.”