BAROQUE A$$ BITCH - Black & Pink

Sold out $25.00

Hand printed pink glitter vinyl on a sturdy recycled materials tote bag

14 x 13 inches. Perfect record store bag.

Baroque: from the word “baroco” meaning flawed, warted pearls used in jewelry but also used as a term for something “bizarre and uselessly complex” with an association of magic, confusion, and the illusion of grandeur. Calling something “Baroque” was initially an insult for artists that were “morally corrupt” and “plagued with bad taste” who didn’t respect traditions of Renaissance art and sought to break conventional rules by invoking drama, eroticism, and vivid emotional experiences through profusely decorated and obsessively ornate details and intense manipulation of light and color. Mocked for dipping every edge in gold and covering every surface in flouncy florals as a rejection of pious sensibility and sophistication. Dare to be tacky, gaudy, over the top and baroque.