About the Artist

Hello! My names Peyton, but somehow I've gotten stuck with the nickname Patchouli (probably from the excessive amount of it that I put on EVERYTHING). I'm a fat freaky Asegi 2-spirit person who's obsessed with the color pink. I work as an interdisciplinary freelance artist, and I live with two cats (Sriracha and Tabasco) in a Barbie Acid Dream house in Philly. 

My art is inspired by the avant-garde, the freaks, bad bitches with bad attitudes, LSD dreamscapes, maximalism, opals, anything holographic or sparkly and, most importantly, the beauty found in the delicacies of the human form. 

I'm constantly exploring different mediums in which I create art, and I never settle on one thing or one style. My faves are oil paints, clay, photography, makeup, wood carving and print making. 

Everything you'll find here was made by me with help from my assistant Marley Grey (IG @princessofodd). From the products creation down to the photography, makeup, styling, and editing (I even taught myself how to code to make sure this website looked the way I dreamed it could).

I love doing custom work and my commissions are always open! I want to make your wildest dreams come true! I also always offer discounts for low income Queers and POCs. Contact me for commissions and discounts here https://www.unrulypatchouli.com/contact or at unrulypatchouli.shop@gmail.com!

- Unruly Patchouli (Peyton)


Artistic Output

Artwork featured at 

  • Derek Gores Gallery
  • Robot Love Exhibition
  • Off Center Art Center Gallery
  • Art After Dark Show
  • Space Coast Art Festival
  • Melbourne Arts Festival

Graphics designed for

  • TAD Graphics - South Perth, Western Australia
  • Pibblemart Pitbull Advocacy - Texas, USA
  • RoseLife - Algiers, Switzerland
  • Private Label Systems - Melbourne, Fl

Makeup artistry for 

  • Meticulously Eccentric runway show
  • "Oceania" Vidal Sasoon's hair and runway show 
  • Fat Babe Boudoir with photographer Kendall Shea